Blood Mars is an exciting and unique single and multi-player first-person shooter, set in the Rebel Mars universe. The game is built on the Cube Engine 2

Among the features are all the built in editing, scripting, and rendering capabilities of the amazing Cube Engine 2!

  • Join Emliy K as she goes from teenager to soldier during the turbulent Martian revolution.

  • Start with basic training before graduating up to more complex missions.

  • Play a variety of games or use the range of variations to create your own.

  • Highly configurable, providing an extensive range of variables for players to mod 

  • Strong A.I.  Bots capable of participating within all modes, even team games and online.

  • Build your own maps and customise the current maps

  • Runs on Windows, Macs' and Linux boxes!



BloodMars & copyright  2008 BTWebs P/L